Socionics is a science and technology that allows you to predict the behavior and style of human activity, the team and society as a whole, to determine the compatibility of people in the family and business, and to form teams of like-minded people.

International Institute of Socionics

International Institute of Socionics (IIS) has long-standing experience of practical work with large management and industrial collectives, especially in Russia and Ukraine. The newest technologies - S-technologies - based on achievements of socionics, psychology and computer modeling are used in this work. They allow simulating a situation in collective and to predict results of rearrangements, reorganization and filling of vacancies.


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Discovery of the personality structure and compatibility laws

Socionics studies the laws of exchange of information in the human psyche and in human society and gives the opportunity

  • to describe the nature of the thinking and behavior of people, collectives or society as a whole;
  • to predict the relationship between people in the family, the production team, the management team and even in the space crew;
  • to analyze the socio-political processes taking place in society.

Today socionics is taught in 200 universities, with the use of methods of socionics more than 900 theses are defended .

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